Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Random Facts About Yours Truly!

So, just to shake things up a bit before school starts and all of my posts become rants. Haha! I am gonna try to be better this semester and post less about school (at least the negative parts)! So, I thought I would let you in to the inner workings of me. Just how weird am I? You are about to find out!

1. I dance around in my room, the kitchen, and in the bathroom while I am getting ready. I am not shy I will dance for most anyone. :)
2. I will not share cups or straws with anyone. Seriously, grosses me out. It doesn't matter if you are a boy I really like, my mama, or the president; I ain't sharin'!
3. I am a Britney Spears fan. Just her old songs, but every time Toxic comes on I feel the need to bust a groove!
4. I am disgusted by mouths. Weird I know considering I used to work Labor and Delivery. Yeah, mouths gross me out the most.
5. I watch some ridiculously stupid t.v. shows (especially lately with the bedrest thing!) Like for instance Toddlers and Tiaras, Pretty Little Liars, and occasionally Jersey Shore. Don't worry I also watch CNN from time to time.
6. I am a blog stalker. Yeah, it is weird, but I like to check out crafts, people who I used to know back in middle school, and recipes.
7. When I was born the doctors told my parents that due to a congenital disorder I may never walk even with surgery to repair it. Sure showed them!
8. I have ADHD like bad sometimes. It tends to drive those around me crazy sometimes. My roommate won't even sit by me anymore during class because the foot tapping and finger fidgeting was too much for her. My other roommate has to remind me to tell her when I have switched topics because sometimes I will carry on numerous conversations with the same person all at once. Oops! :)
9. I love to fly. As soon as I arrive at the airport I get so excited. My mom once said it was because there are so many people and noises that it can occupy me for hours. She is probably right! :) I love security and walking through the "tunnel" to board the plane, and I especially love take off and landing! When I was younger I wanted to be a flight attendant so I memorized the entire spill at the beginning of the flight and still recite it with them today! :)
10. I am very nervous about graduating. Not so much about school or the ceremony, but the fact that I will have to move to somewhere unknown, start a job that is still relatively unknown, and wait for a future that is very unknown!

Well, now that I have shared more about me. Let's see who is brave enough to say 10 random facts about themselves!


  1. Oh Laura, you'll never believe this but I watch Prett Little Liars too! I blame my roommate and she'll take the credit. :)

  2. I always love learning more about you! It is not a shock that you dance around:) Do you ever clog? Sometimes I bust out clogging, just because it is fun. You should watch greek sometime. It is an awesome show. Oh and I have a cratf blog! and hopefully you stock me every now and again:)

  3. Laura, I love it. And I totally TOTALLY agree with the mouth thing. Seriously, I have a brother who's a dentist, and I'm always like, "Ew, really? Mouths?" And he looks at me like I'm crazy. :)

  4. Very interesting!! You are so funny, you make me laugh. Take care!!

  5. This is so cool to learn more about you! I might have to post this on my blog but I'll see. Thanks for everything! Have a great week!

  6. Ha ha! I love it! I wouldn't have guessed you were repelled by mouths! :o)

  7. Love your little factoids! Let's get together and dance to some Britney!