Thursday, August 26, 2010

May 13th, 2011

So, it's the beginning of third semester! That means I am half-way to graduation! I am so very excited. I got to spend the summer back home in Sugar City and had quite the busy summer. We remodeled the whole inside of my parents' house. It was hard work, but it turned out so nice! We also got my sister married (1,000 miles away), and managed to still have some serious fun! This semester is supposed to be ridiculously busy and harder than the rest and so far it has lived up to that reputation!!! A few of you have asked if I have had any new projects. Here's some pics of my room............
My sister bought this large mirror at a thrift store here in Twin last year. I already had the table and decided it would make a great little vanity. Unfortunately I broke the glass a few days before I moved back here. :( That's the same bench I found at DI last year I just reupholstered it.

I told my mom last year that I needed a book shelf to store all of my nursing books. She found this one at D.I. almost immediately. I forgot to take a before pic, but it was just plain, unfinished wood, so I gave it some pretty black paint and some distressing.

I love this new bedding. It is kind of different from the stark white I had going before!