Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping up the year!

Well, as hard as it is to believe it is time to say goodbye to 2010! I can't believe it is already time to ring in a new year! A lot has happened this year that has influenced my life. I started the new year with my second semester of nursing school. I absolutely loved it! Despite my previous thoughts I actually liked Mental Health. I learned a lot about addiction and how it impacts people's lives and families. It is a difficult thing to deal with. I also loved my Med-Surg. rotation where I was finally able to get into the hospital and really work with patients. I learned a lot about myself and how much I love this career! I had amazing teachers who I still go and visit! This semester also brought a lot of craziness in my personal life. I helped out at the scene of an accident, had to rouse a drunk guy out of our apartment, and grew closer to my little sister.
Over the summer we decided to rip up my mom's kitchen and remodel it. It was fun and very different. It looks amazing! We went to L.A. this summer for Dana and Wes's wedding. It turned out beautifully and Dana was so happy walking out of those temple doors. We got them all moved in and they are doing well.
This fall I moved back to Twin Falls to start another semester of school. In the nursing program here the third semester is considered harder than any other physically, mentally, and emotionally. I can attest that it truly was, but can now say that I conquered it! We learned a lot of difficult, but interesting topics including more fluids and electrolytes, cardiac, and neuro. I got new roommates this semester and love it! It has been 100% drama free! I am still living with Tara, and have a few others with similar backgrounds to us. Clinicals this semester were so fascinating. I took three patients a day this time around, went to the GI lab, surgery, cancer center, peds, and the ICU. I also started my first official IV on a really difficult poke! Definitely a high point! This semester I have also dealt with my first stomach ulcer, concussion, and brokenbone. If you know me well, which most of you do, then you won't be surprised. I am a spaz, a clutz, and a major worrier!
So, as I ring in this new year with my crutches and cast, and all of my job applications; I say thank you to the great people in my life. Thank you to my awesome friends who stick by my crazy ADHD self and do not judge me! Thank you to my family who have always loved me and been my biggest cheerleader! Finally, thank you to my Heavenly Father who has blessed me more in these last few months than I probably deserve! He has been a great strength to me. Stay safe this year and live life to the fullest.

Well, I made some resolutions for this year and now it's time to see how I've done...........

I am still not a sewer! I haven't been too great of a blogger, but I do worry less. I think I do anyways! I have worked very hard this year to be a positive person in most every situation! Hope you all did okay with your resolutions, you'll have to wait a few days to see my new resolutions!