Friday, October 8, 2010

That's right I have reading glasses!

So, a little known thing about me......I wear bifocals. That's right folks, since I was 23 I have been wearing bifocals. I only wear them for reading and for driving in the dark, but I do wear them. I have always been a little embarassed by this fact. I have 20/20 vision, but my eye muscles have difficulty focusing when they need to strain (ie. darker rooms or night). Well, when I moved to Twin this semester they got lost in the move. Being the poor college student that I am I just tried to get by without them. It just wasn't working with all of the reading I am required to do so I went to Walmart today and got myself 'reading glasses'. Oh yeah, they're pretty hot!

Well, here's an update on school:

I am halfway through my third semester out of four in the nursing program. It really is as bad as everyone said it was! Haha! It is teaching me discipline and structure. It is also teaching me gratitude and trust in my Heavenly Father. I have had to depend on him more this semester than I have in most years of my life. Instead of doing several care plans during the semester we do mini plans of care every clinical day. Here is a part of the journal entry in my last plan of care. It pretty much sums up my rotation of clinicals this first half.........

"This rotation I was able to start my first real IV, help with an NG placement, care for a patient’s NG, watch surgeries, care for the cutest little kiddos, and improve my assessment skills. I have cared for families who were difficult, families in need of education, and those in need of support. I have learned a lot from my patients and their families this rotation. I learned to slow down, take time to listen, treat them with compassion, and listen to what they aren’t telling me. I have had some easy days, tough days, silly days, and sad days, but each day has been a learning day."

I hope that you are all doing well. I am loving fall just like I always do! Enjoy the picture with the old lady reading glasses!