Monday, September 7, 2009

A Quickie!!!

So, I was looking at my friend Jen's blog and she had a link to this hilarious page about random thoughts of 25-35 year olds. It's so funny, I was actually laughing out loud!

Go to this link:

Pictures from the other day!

So, when I posted last week I couldn't get my pictures to come up so let me try again!
So here are the crazy roommates (minus Natasha-she's third semester nursing, so she's gone a lot!) eating some of our awesome pizza from Pizza Hut! Tara, Megan, Maddie, and Dana!

So I got bored last week from lack of crafting and decided to make this. It's not anything really great, but I have had this plain white sweater for a while and wanted to jazz it up just a bit. So, I saw this easy pattern to make a flower out of a men's dress shirt, so I decided that this would look good with my sweater. Well, being the poor college student that I am I decided that I didn't have the money for a dress shirt, so I settled for a $2 pair of men's boxers! It worked and now I really like my sweater!
Sorry Fay, but I had to throw this one in there! This is Fay and I stirring up trouble on my last night on Labor and Delivery. What can I say? When the Labor gods bless you with no patients you have to find a way to stay awake at 3:00 in the morning! BTW, thanks again girls for that party! I have already used quite a few of my 'survival supplies'. Oh, and another fun fact, my teacher says that this week we will practice venipunctures on the fake arms! Thanks to Sadie I can go into this feeling a little more confident! At least the fake arm won't come out looking all swollen and bruised, right Sadie?!