Thursday, May 19, 2011

Year Two--Same game, different plan!

Then year two hit. My little sister was no longer around and needing an example--it was my first time being truly out on my own! I had amazing roommates who were a lot of fun. Well, I took advantage of this and had a lot of fun. Don't worry I still pulled my 3.0, but it was due to a lot of late nights and stressing. This year my method for studying was to forget the books completely (let's be honest, I am not going to be able to sit through a 1600 page reading assignment). I instead would record the lectures and then listen to them while I was at home or jogging. This worked a lot better. During the fall, we had several parties and became quite the popular little trio--Alyssa, Tara, and Laura. I learned how to ballroom dance, played extreme Murder in the Dark, lots of movie nights, midnight snowball fights, and spontaneous song and dance in the apartment! I got my second concussion, first stress ulcer, and pulled my first complete all nighter, which turned into 48 hours with no sleep. Stupid, don't try it! I made a lot of great friends in Twin Falls and this is when I truly fell in love with this town. I finished strong though and even managed to finally pass Algebra! Then I spent all of Christmas break with a broken leg. Not fun!
Spring semester was my final semester for the program. I was excited because I got to start off with OB, which is my favorite and I was certain that is where I would be getting a job after graduating. It was just as great as I remembered and flew by. I'm not gonna lie--not a lot of studying done here. Then I moved on to the dreaded Advanced Med-Surg. I was scared to death of this class because it is where fourth semester students fail out. Turns out I loved it. Okay, I did terrible in Endocrine, but I aced Critical Care and actually decided that maybe babies won't be where I end up. I love the ICU and I think that is where I will end up at. We'll see though! We got a new roommate Ashley and I loved her just as much as the others! My group of friends shifted this semester because our friend Shane left to school in Rexburg. I started hanging out with Shane and Gary, Tara, Terica, and Katherine. Lots of good times this semester dressing up for ward activities with the roommates, playing a lot of Just Dance, late nights talking about absolutely nothing, and dances at the church! Don't worry kids, those grades stayed up and I ended nursing school with a 3.4 GPA! I precepted on the surgical and medical floors, which I loved. On my first day my nurse asked if I would take a patient by myself. I said sure and off I went. Well, later in the shift she said that the charge nurse suggested we give the patient a different medication to see if it would help. My nurse Shana, asked if I would mind if she asked the patient about the change. I said that was fine, she was the nurse, and she said you are the nurse for that patient and I don't want to step on your toes. You should have seen the grin on my face! Haha! I was so excited! I'm a nurse! Well, I am a graduate nurse, but still!

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