Saturday, May 5, 2012

Half of Me!

So I feel like I am finally in a good enough place that I can speak openly about something that has been a bit of an issue for me these last few years.  My weight.  I have always been athletic and played sports all through high school and even a bit of intramurals in college.  Unfortunately due to some other things going on in life I went through a rough patch and gained way more than my 'freshman 15'.  It was more like my freshman 75.  Sadly when I started nursing school I was well over 200 pounds and not feeling super confident about the way I looked.  Well, thanks to some help from my crazy school schedule, having fun with friends, eating better, and just running around enjoying life I have lost a significant amount of weight.  I am happy to report that I am back under 200 pounds and enjoying life a whole lot more now!
Before at Danizza's wedding.
A few weeks ago in Vegas! (post to come soon about this wild adventure)


  1. You look great Laura! Share you secret with me please!!

  2. You look awesome Laura!! You are such a fun and great person!! Take care!

  3. Laura I am so impressed! You look absolutely gorgeous and so so happy!! I'm super jealous you are an RN...I hope I can dig deep enough and get there. You're awesome!